Data Analytics Foundation Bootcamp 101 (Blended)


🚀 Launch Your Career as a Business Intelligence / Data Analyst with our Data Analytics Foundation Bootcamp 101 (Blended) - specially designed for complete newbies! 🌎📊

The "Data Analytics Foundation Bootcamp 101 (Blended) by Data Starters is an 8-week intensive, Cohort-based blended learning experience with weekly taught content (videos), practice assignments and live weekend meet-up classes (virtual) with the instructor. It is specially designed to help busy individuals to transit into the tech industry as Data Analysts in just 8 weeks!

The Bootcamp will help you demystify the concept of data analysis, take you from zero to job-ready skill level; as well as build your confidence in Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel and Power BI packages which are the most basic and high-in-demand toolset/skills for the industry.

The "Data Analytics Foundation Bootcamp 101 (Hybrid)" is led by Nonso Aniamaka, a seasoned PMI/Shell-Certified Citizen Developer, an experienced Business Intelligence Analyst / Power BI Developer and Maintenance/Reliability Engineer with more than 10 active years of experience and counting in the Energy Industry.

After this foundation bootcamp, you would be highly proficient in Excel and Power BI's Data Analysis and Business Intelligence tools. You would be set to begin your new journey with our advanced preparatory classes for Microsoft's globally recognized Power BI Data Analyst Exams and Certification.

At Data Starters, our strategy is to take you through the Microsoft Data Analyst Career path as this makes your learning curve less steep, and a lot easier while arming you with both fundamental and advanced skillset to make you job-ready on these tools. Microsoft is leading the way in the Digitalization, Business Intelligence and Citizen Development space across several industries globally.

Upon successful completion of this Bootcamp, you would be admitted into the "Data Starters Online Community" for further support and mentorship on advancing your career as a Data Analyst.

Please note: Due to time-constraints of our high-in-demand instructors, and our passion to cater to the specific learning needs of our students, our Cohort-based slots are quite limited and gets filled up quite fast! Kindly hit the button below to sign-up for the next available cohort. See you in the bootcamp.


Nonso Aniamaka.
Training Instructor, DataStarters.

Who is this course for?

  • Professionals and individuals who wish to pivot into the booming tech industry as Data Analysts in 5 weeks.
  • Persons who wish to attain skill mastery in Excel and Power BI with a personal tutor (instructor-led training) but are not enrolled for the Private bootcamp.

  • Those who have started their data analyst journey elsewhere but find the concepts difficult to grasp.

What you gain from this Bootcamp in Summary:

  • Blended (self-taught + live classes)
  • Weekly learning videos + Weekend live meet-ups (virtual).
  • From zero to "job-ready" skills mastery in Excel & Power BI.
  • Access to daily class recordings/replays.
  • Joint Assignment Reviews and Q/A Sessions
  • Access to Course Instructor and student discussion group
  • 100% virtual delivery
  • DIY practice assignments.
  • Excel - Data Cleaning and Manipulation, Functions, Formulas, Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts, Conditionals and Nested IFs, Logics, Charts, Look-ups.
  • Power BI - Data Extraction, Data Transformation, Data Loading, Power Query, Data Visualization & Dashboarding, Data Modelling, Introduction to DAX codes, calculation and Functions etc.
  • Capstone Project
  • Mentorship and Career Support after completion.
  • Community of Data Starters.
  • “World Economic Forum" featured skill - The Future of Job Report, 2020 - 2025.


  • 14 Sections
  • 19 Lessons
  • 7 Quizzes
  • 0 Assignments
  • 17h 20m Duration
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Data Clarity
3 Lessons0 Quizzes0 Assignments
  1. WEF: Future of Work report - AI
  2. Technocracy (The Tech Bug)
  3. All Things Data
Introduction to Excel
2 Lessons1 Quiz0 Assignments
  1. Getting Started with Excel
  2. Data Cleaning and Manipulation
  3. Assignments
Calculations in Excel
2 Lessons1 Quiz0 Assignments
  1. Excel Formulae & Operators
  2. Functions! Functions! Function!
  3. Assignments
1 Lesson1 Quiz0 Assignments
  1. Conditionals & Logics
  2. Assignments! Assignments! Assignments!- Gradebook
2 Lessons1 Quiz0 Assignments
  1. V-Lookup
  2. X-Lookup
  3. Assignments! Assignments! Assignments!- Lookups!
1 Lesson1 Quiz0 Assignments
  1. Charts! Charts! Charts!
  2. Assignment
Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts
2 Lessons0 Quizzes0 Assignments
  1. Pivots Tables
  2. Pivot Charts
0 Lessons1 Quiz0 Assignments
  1. Final Excel Assignment
Introduction to Power BI
1 Lesson0 Quizzes0 Assignments
  1. Introducing the Views
Extract, Transform & Load Data (ETL)
0 Lessons0 Quizzes0 Assignments
Report Visualization
2 Lessons0 Quizzes0 Assignments
  1. Visualizations
  2. Calculated Columns
Data Modelling
2 Lessons0 Quizzes0 Assignments
  1. Multiple Data Sources/Tables
  2. Data Modelling
DAX Measures
1 Lesson0 Quizzes0 Assignments
  1. Measures vs Calculated Columns
0 Lessons1 Quiz0 Assignments
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